Is Your Garage or Basement Floor Worn Out?

Is Your Garage or Basement Floor Worn Out?

TruGrit Enterprises will install a durable concrete floor

Your garage and basement floors need to stand up to heavy use. These spaces contain heavy storage boxes, tools that can scratch floors and valuable equipment. In the garage, your floors must also withstand weighty vehicles.

If daily wear and tear has taken its toll on your garage or basement floor, contact TruGrit Enterprises, LLC for a new, durable concrete floor. We provide concrete services in Cedar City, UT. You can depend on us to create a new floor that's built to last.

When to replace flooring

Your garage or basement floor can last for years, but it might not last forever. When it needs to be replaced, call 325-895-8138 right away.

Your floor needs to be replaced if:

  • It was installed improperly
  • It has water damage
  • It was damaged by a winter freeze and thaw

We'll replace it with a sturdy, low-maintenance concrete floor right away. Concrete is a durable material built to handle the stresses of heavy objects, tools or car use. It's difficult to damage. It's also easy to maintain, requiring little cleaning. It's even chemical-resistant, which means that it will stand up to any chemicals you use in your garage. It'll make a great replacement for your garage or basement floor.